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About Parkium

What is Parkium?

Parkium is designed both for those who want to find a parking space or those that want to advertise their parking space. Individuals will be able to rent, sell or share their garage. Professionals can post and manage online their public or private parking offer.

Parkium is a booking website for car parks at airports, ports, and train stations and other points of interest. In addition, we also have a classified section for parking spaces for rent, sale or share.

We are aware that parking is not an end in itself, but is a need when travelling for personal or professional reasons. That is why Parkium includes a map to help you locate the parking spaces nearby your destination and speed up the search process.

Except for parking reservations that may require payment in advance in some parking, the use of Parkium services is for free, and subject only to acceptance of the terms and conditions of use. However, some advanced features and personalized content may require the payment of a fee, a fact which will be indicated accordingly.

Parkium is a website in constant growth and renewal. We have much to do and we would appreciate any suggestions or comments .


Parkium is an initiative of Parking Oklok S.L, developed by entrepreneurs from the IT and transport sector.

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